Behind the Scenes: Linda’s Writing Process and A Sneak Peek at Cloaked!


Happy Friday! Today, you are getting some of that really cool sneak peek bling that only my dearest patrons will receive.  I recorded a video that walks you through my writing process.  We start with the free write and then I scroll through where I am in my process with book four, Cloaked.

I also tell you about the characters in Cloaked and some of the locations. Now you can spoil this as much as you want by stopping the video and reading the page, but I will warn you–it still can change!  It is what an edit is all about–deciding what stays and what goes.  Just yesterday I added to a scene. So–no promises-this isn’t the locked version!

Hope you enjoy the video. If so, chat it up on social media. 

Thanks for your continued support.  You all are awesome!

Love ya,


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