Behind the Scenes–I did it!


Well–I did it!  I posted my first author reading!!  As it says in the rewards for being a patron, I would do author readings, have behind the scenes teasers and cover reveals too!  You don’t know how daunting I found this task.

These author readings are easy for me. I know I can chat like crazy during podcasts, but reading is another matter. I know you all thought this would be easy for me. Wrong–it goes back to my childhood.  A teacher told me I was a terrible reader.  That voice is still stuck in my head. I know I will get better with practice, but this experience has given me a whole new appreciation of Gabrielle de Cuir and Stefan Rudnicki.  I guess the best part is that you’ll be able to see me grow with confidence and practice!

Just to give you an idea of how long this one author reading took to get it to you, I’ll post some facts and figures.  Reading the first short story on Nicole took about 3 hours.  Editing the audio took about 5 hours. So, eight hours total to get you the finished product.  So, to do this at the rate professionals charge would have cost me close to $3200.

I’m dedicating this week to Nicole. On Wednesday, I plan to upload a little audio/video on Patreon that talks more about her story.  I may even repost some of the diary entries that are buried here in this blog somewhere to remind us more of her background. On Friday, I think I’ll release a deleted scene from Cloaked–no promises but maybe.


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