An update on Cloaked!

It’s been a busy time and I’m still waiting on word from my editor. While waiting, I wanted to get a proof printed of my cover and interior. I can then read the actual book and find typos and mark it up for changes. Hopefully I catch some things that the editor will catch or not catch.  In any case, it will help get the book in your hands quicker!

Above is the full cover minus a few details like the barcode and ISBN number. I did assign an ISBN and I will be generating a barcode to update the cover, but for the proof this will do. 

It is always difficult to write a back blurb or summary of the story you are telling in the book. The one above is a very, very, very, very, rough draft of what will eventually go there. It will give you a quick view of what is to come. It will also be written and rewritten about 20 more times before it becomes the final blurb. 

I continue to spruce up Blind Influence, catching a few more typos and spaces that shouldn’t have been there. It is amazing the difference between editors in the book market. I credit Sonja Sweeney for all her help on Blind Persuasion, Blind Alliance, and Cloaked. Blind Influence was not edited by Sonja and I can tell the difference. But it is now getting that sprucing up it deserves for a very good reason. Some day I may be able to tell you. Just keep your fingers crossed for me. 

Also, dear patrons, since you were here from the start and we are entering our third month together, you will be receiving a free signed copy of Cloaked. If you tell your friends to sign up for four months of sponsorship at the Field Agent Level ($5), they can have a complimentary copy of Cloaked along with the rewards for the $5 level.  I’m not making this a public announcement so it is up to you get your friends to sign up. They can cancel after four months, but they have to be a patron for four months to get the book.

Enjoy the glimpse at the cover for Cloaked.  Any questions–let me know! Any comments, post them below.  Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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