All Things Creative Guest Mandy Theis

On Thursday, I had the pleasure to interview an artist who is making her dreams come true. I met Mandy at TRAC back in 2012. At that time she was attending Juliette Aristides’s atelier, getting ready to graduate. Mandy did graduate and went on to co-found The DaVinci Initiative.  

Mandy has worked as a K-12 art teacher. She loves teaching and recognized a gap in art education that the DaVinci Initiative fills. Want to know more? Then have a listen. Warning–Mandy’s enthusiasm is contagious!

Seriously–I have watched Mandy through the years and her passion is awesome. It has been such fun watching her grow in her journey. Now you have a chance to hear her talk about it.  

If you like to listen to the audio only version, click here .


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