A Quick Update!

Hi all,

Just wanted to welcome Jennifer as one of my patrons.  Also, to remind everyone if you are looking for the art courses, you can search by oil painting lessons and it will filter out the posts that are not related.  

So, while I was recovering (and still am a tiny bit) from my back injury, I did get some writing done in long hand. It was a new plot line that came to me out of the blue, so it has to be added into book five.  When I’m done writing that new plot line, I write each scene on a slip of a paper and organize the book scene by scene and chapter by chapter.  The “fun” begins after that when I start to edit the book.  I have started to do that, so hopefully I won’t have to do more than a few reads of the whole book before I self-publish.  I’m finishing up here with a little teaser, there are some unexpected turns in this book–at least I hope they are unexpected, which in turn will make it a fun read. 

I will also be pulling together another Art Chat on the keys to a great painting and a painting challenge for my painting challenge. I will be posting the last live painting demonstrations shortly to Patreon.  I tackled one of the patterns for the current painting challenge.  

It is nice to be able to move around and sit for more than five minutes at a time. Thanks for your understanding.  Looking forward to painting and writing again. 



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