Painting Challenges Have Arrived!!!

Back when I was co-founder of Artist Mentors Online (AMO) with Kevin Macpherson, I created painting challenges for our painting tribe. I’m back doing that now.

This first challenge is called “Value Patterns.” This is the first challenge covering this topic. We’ll revisit it in the future with two new value patterns. Watch the video over on my Patreon page, but here is some top-level information.

We will be exploring the world of value patterns. Why is having a value pattern important?  What is a value pattern? Is it important to not have too many values? How do I control color in my paintings?

This first challenge is open to everyone. I wanted to provide an example of what you can expect for the monthly painting challenges that will be available to my Tier 1 supports.  This challenge closes on May 31st.  Please share this challenge with your artist friends. 

To watch the video and post comments or download the two value patterns click here.

Have fun with this challenge.  I can’t wait to see your results and comments!



PS Future challenges will be offered to my painting tribe via Patreon. To unlock those posts, you will need to subscribe to the posts. Check out the services I will be offering while you are at my Patreon Page checking out this public challenge. Thank you!

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