Blocking in Large Shapes

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I finally cleared enough off my schedule to play with the ocean waves painting. I believe that playing is a better word than painting. Why? Because it allows me to make mistakes and not worry about them. At this stage, I have confidence that I can correct anything I do. It’s a fun journey to challenge yourself when you paint or write yourself into a corner.

I started off yesterday with a colorful and “unlimited” palette of gorgeous Michael Harding Oil Paints. I expanded my very limited paints to include a range of blues, reds, and yellows. I threw greens and purples on there too. I threw caution to the wind because I knew with Michael Harding paints, you can’t go wrong (as in making a ugly color or “mud”)!

Here are two pictures of the tubes of paint and of my palette.

All the Michael Harding tubes of paint! I have a rainbow!
Notice the layout of colors on the palette.

Then I got to work. Below is the live (on tape) demonstration of blocking in shapes. Note that I wasn’t worried about texture or details. I wanted big shapes of color that I will refine over the coming days. I ended with a quick demonstration of “details” on the rocks, just to show the difference. I can’t stop my mind from jumping ahead, so the little details at the end were an experiment with color. The questions are, what colors do I want to use to pull out light hitting on the rocks? How will I build these rocks? Where are the waves going to crash against the rocks? What’s the composition looking like? What changes do I want to make?

During the session, I thought about value, shape, design–keeping the values dark, knowing I can always come up in value. I plan on playing more with these blues, greens, and blue side purples in the water. I want to add more gray tones so that the waves really pop with color, remember this is a sunset painting and the impact a sun setting has on the colors.

But most of all, I want to remember this is play. I am going to allow myself the opportunity to answer that what if question. I hope you join me in this journey.



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