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Yesterday, I recorded a fun chat with Dick Atkins of A-Films. Dick is a producer and took time with me to discuss the movie-making business with me. We started the discussion around the script. Not too long ago, I responded to an ad that basically said if you have a novel or script and want to get it made into a movie, join our “team.”

Since I have always had an interest in film, I decided to sit in on the session offered for free. A couple of things ticked me off from the beginning. The way the ad was worded, it sounded like it would be a one-on-one discussion. Not true. There were at least 20 eager writers in this session. The whole session was about how they would work with the writer to get the script made into the movie.

So, I knew enough about the business to not jump at their “only seven of you will be accepted into our program” without asking some questions and talking with true friends in the business. By the time they got to me to ask my questions, six spots had been filled with folks easily spending more than $500 to have the pleasure of sitting in development hell for who knows how long.

Look, lightning strikes occasionally and you hear about how one person got a film deal in like 10 minutes. But honestly, that person was probably working it for years beforehand. That is the exception, not the rule.

So, after talking with my friends in the movie business, I asked Dick if he would share with us how movie-making works from script to distribution. We spend an hour and a half discussing the business. Have a listen and we hope you enjoy it.



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