Hello all, 

I know I’ve been rather quiet here lately. As the title infers, we’ve got some big changes coming and we are so excited!

It all started with me nagging Tom about getting on the waiting list for a retirement community in Asheville, North Carolina, that I had my eye on for years. We traveled down, got on the list, and then to kill some time, we drove around South Asheville.  During our visit to Givens, we discovered the cottages on the hill with the “mega” view was way out of our price range. In a way, that prompted us to drive around and look at the homes in the area.  We drove up to a place called Park Avenue and guess what?  There were two properties listed for sale that had the same view as the cottages at Givens.  Of course, that started some joking about buying one of those if the price was right. We shrugged it off, thinking there was no way we could afford these places. 

We drove around a bit more before we headed back for a drive through Smokies to Newfound Gap, through Townsend, TN, to a hotel in Knoxville.  Some searching on the phone about those two properties prompted more conversation. There was even more discussion when we got home. We decided to take another trip down to look at both of the properties on Park Ave. 

We made an offer that the agent-who-shall-remain-nameless decided not to even to take it to the owners. That was all well and good, because our agent friend here in Middletown hooked us up with the most awesome realtor, Athena Elmore, in Asheville.  Seriously, if you are looking for a realtor, Athena rocks!  Not only is she a professional, thorough agent, she has become a good friend.  Athena called us in Middletown, and we schedule another trip down to look at more properties. A lot has changed in the 25 years we spent in our home here. One advancement is the ability to sign contracts online!  

We found a place we decided to make an offer on and we made that offer and accompanying contract on our drive home from Asheville.  (A theme is emerging here.) It was for a townhouse with a view (not quite like Park Ave, but had a lot more room for the money). Besides, everywhere you look in Asheville, there’s a view.  We felt good about the offer, but unfortunately, we didn’t get that one.  I was bummed, but Tom wasn’t ready to give up yet.  All of us started looking around the area again.  That’s when we discovered the place we have a contract on now. 

It is in the same development as the one I liked. Athena took us on a video tour and we made an offer shortly after that. We quickly planned another trip down and a home inspection. We have some follow-up to do, but no huge surprises. As it turns out, I really love this new place–it’s location and since the layout is similar to the one we didn’t get–I love the layout inside. (Above is a photo of the lower deck–all ready for #PrinceHarry and #SnickersLittleGirl to join us when we are sitting outside. It will also keep me from getting those mosquito bites I’m allergic to!!) Before we left, we put our home in Middletown on the market.  

After the inspection for the NC home, we decided to check out the local grocery stores, bicycle shop, wine store, and a brewery nearby.  During the inspection, we met our neighbors–wonderful couple who have a Coexist bumper sticker on their car.  We were feeling right at home and we haven’t even closed yet!  We headed back to the hotel and then out for dinner. 

We were about to settle in to veg and watch some television when we got a call from Rita Woodlan (our wonderfully awesome agent here in Middletown) that we had an offer on our home here. We listened to the offer.  After some discussion, Tom and I settled in for what we knew would be another house contract negotiation on our drive back up I-75!  By the time we got to Kentucky, we had a contract on our home in M-town–only four days on the market!

So, here we are with both places under contract, closings scheduled, and a ton of packing to do!  We are sorting through 25 years of things collected in this home and will now start the process of purging and packing. I see many trips to Goodwill in our future!

We have really enjoyed our time and the friends we made here in M-town. The city’s revitalization is well on its way!! 

That leads me to this–the time I had planned to create podcasts, lessons, and other cool things will be taken up with packing and moving.  Depending on how things go, I might be able to fit some things in. I do have another post for my patrons that I want to write up that talks about how one of my characters got their name.  I also hope to post an open painting challenge for all my art friends to try.  I hope you hang with me during these exciting changes. Who knows, I might even have some hopefully funny stories to share. 

Thank you for all your support and I look forward to chatting with you in the near future. If you are in M-town, my last day teaching at the Middletown Arts Center is July 30th. Drop down and say hello!



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