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Have you ever had a to do list so long that you really didn’t want to write it out? Yeah, that’s me right now. I took some time and finally accomplished creating this new website. It had been on my list for over a year when I accidentally deletes (for the 3rd time) my website hosted by Globat. While I had been with that hosting company for over 20 years, their cost was too high for the services they provided (and a clunky user interface). I dumped them and built this site for a lot less money.

So, my weeks have been spent building the website, copying content that will eventually be re-posted here. It all takes time-even to cut and paste. The ATC/Art Chat Library provides you with links to listen to the already published chats over on my Buzzsprout page (or by clicking the blue link). That was easier than creating links on this website. It also contains a link to my Youtube channel. New chats will be posted here in the blog and also will be available via all the usual channels (Apple, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Alexa just to name a few.)

Over the coming months, I hope to start creating a writing course. I’m still wrapping my head around this. It will be available over on my Patreon page and available to my patrons at every level as part of my Teaching Tuesdays.

As for the Free Write Wednesdays, I’m writing like mad on book five, having just finished a good 15,000 words last week. However, the book is taking some interesting directions and I’ve yet to decide which way I want it to go. So being the pantser that I am, I’m exploring two different paths. Bringing them together is going to be the hard part. I don’t want it to be contrived and certainly want to keep the reader guessing. You know you haven’t reached the high bar when you are wrinkling your nose at most of the suggestions that are rapidly fleeting through your mind. There is also a problem that if I give you all that is in the free write, the book won’t have any surprises, so I’ve taken a break from posting those. Tales Thursday hasn’t received much attention either for the many reasons and work going on here.

I have been painting and have a commission that I need to start as soon as I finish the “Memorial to David Austin” rose painting I’m working on right now. Here’s a little work in progress photo for you to enjoy.

Memorial to David Austin
All Rights Reserved
Oil Painting by Linda Riesenberg Fisler

So, it’s been a busy time. Oh–I’m taping an All Things Creative this week with Quang Ho. Keep an eye out here for that!

Be Inspired! Enjoy!


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