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Art Chat or AMO Art Chat, has been on the air for over fifteen years! Join Linda as she talks with artists and authors about their journey. Explore the creative process and add your voice to the conversation. Our podcast is always open for your listening enjoyment. ART CHAT is sponsored by the ARTISTIC HARMONIES ASSOCIATION

About Linda

The wearer of many hats, Linda is following her dream of being an artist, author, podcaster, instructor, and mentor.  She is also the co-founder and president of The Artistic Harmonies Association.

Linda is an award-winning contemporary master artist preferring to paint in an impressionist style. She has studied with Master Artists Kevin Macpherson, George Gallo, Carolyn Anderson, and through her interviews, developed relationships with many master artists of today. Linda and Kevin launched Artist Mentors Online (AMO), where they provided lessons via the internet. AMO was one of the first art teaching websites whose focus was on mentoring artists who qualified using lessons developed by both Kevin and Linda.  During this period, Linda launched AMO Art Chat, a podcast in which she interviewed master artists of today. That podcast is known as ART CHAT now and has expanded to interview artists and authors, exploring the creative process and our journeys.

Linda is also an award-winning author. She has written fiction and non-fiction books. Her How to Paint From Brush to Palette Knives provides step-by-step instructions for painting with brushes and palette knives. She has authored books on time management and another art instruction book focusing on Creating Form with Light and Color” (just 99 cents!).  However, Linda’s first love is writing fiction novels. Her Blind Series focuses on three characters, a female lawyer, an MI-6 agent, and a senator, who team up to become the change they want to see. The series asks the question: What if something drastic happened in the 1980s that caused a different course in history? Would the event, depending on who leads and the choices they make, change the divisiveness we see today in the world? Linda has published four books (available in ebooks and paperbacks) in this series; Blind Influence, Blind Persuasion, Blind Alliance, and Cloaked. Blind Influence is also available in audiobook format.

Linda is also an instructor and mentor.  She taught classes at the Middletown Arts Center in Ohio, hosts workshops for other master artists, and provides online courses and mentoring in her studio and online. She also provides insight into others’ journeys and creative processes with her podcast show, ART CHAT, which is available on iTunes, Apple, Spotify, Buzzsprout, and Stitcher, to name only a few. You can also access Art Chat through this website and the Artistic Harmonies website. Linda presented an academic paper at the California Lutheran University-sponsored conference, The Representational Art Conference. The paper, entitled “Imagination and Creativity–A Cognizant Balance?” was enthusiastically received, generating a lively discussion that she hopes continues to this day. 

When Linda isn’t writing, podcasting, or painting, she is riding her Trek bicycle in Asheville, NC, playing with her two rescued (dumpster) kitties (yes–someone threw them inside a dumpster), cooking, or having fun with friends and family. 


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